Monday, January 31, 2011

Waiting for the storm.

Not a metaphorical one, mind you.
We have a snow/ice storm barreling straight for us. AGAIN.

(We got plenty of snow down here, Storm. You guys still need it?)

I stayed home from drumline practice today to help mom. I don't actually have to be there anyways.
And Newman finally hounded them for their godawful organizing skills. FINALLY. Let's hope the threat worked. I'm tired of playing mom and cleaning up their stuff.

Oesch couldn't hold off the college guy anymore. He tried. I had to talk to this sexist old man who kept making crass comments to me about financial aid. And he was just offensive in general. And I hate him. Ugh...

Seth didn't show today. I'm going to use that as proof that something happened during that phone call. I need to talk to Skyler...


  1. I was seeing something about freezing rain and stuff... I'm hoping this means classes may be canceled tomorrow. That'd be nice.

    Oh also, I think Ry believes us now.

  2. But...then I don't get to beat him up...

    I'm sending Skyler a message on Facebook now. I have no other way to communicate with her.

  3. Psh, we've apparently got a snowstorm coming, so... thanks for the offer.

  4. Oh you too? I like that our forecast says "Wintry Mix". Like they're trying to make it sound delightful.

  5. wintery mix in Ohio is never delightful. means 2 inches freezing rain covered in 12+ inches of snow.

    Darn you Ohio. And.. uh... that sounds fun... my facebook is used for boring games... well i'd consider them boring games.... if it weren't for the fact i'm addictd to the stupid things... honestly they're the only thing 'normal' in my life right now... so.. yeah. when i play them it's like theplace isn't full of crazy.

    When I get untiered I'll post the fun story of why I was up at 3am this morning...