Monday, January 24, 2011


I thought it might be helpful to any others to give a full update on what exactly is going on with my crew.

Me: Nightmares, but less of them now - standard running panicked in a forest, evolved into actually seeing him in them. Paranoia. Have spotted him in a photograph of the woods down the street. Keeping an eye on all vantage points in the house. Have an Operator symbol taped to my room's window. "Disturbing coincidences" have slowed. I'm either fully attributing them to him and therefore am not specifically looking for them, or the number of strange incidents themselves has dropped. Confused about his intentions.

Seth: In more trouble than I initially thought. Has full on nightmares. Has a journal partially filled with strange doodles and the general messages. Also has a slight cough. May or may not be losing time. I suspect he is becoming Hallowed, though he was doing much better with Skyler around. But she's gone back home for the week. Will monitor as closely as possible.

Skyler: Don't know much and is hard to gauge, but is in less trouble than Seth. May be the least bothered, even less than me right now. She was patrolling windows for Seth, not out of her own fear.

Sammi: Possibly has the most snarky/angry attitude towards him. He now appears in her night terrors, but she fights. Woke up to her mom screaming about something this morning. Incident might be related. She's trying to track him through her photography. I'm fairly certain this means he's also stalking around outside her house.

Casey: Is also terrified. (I'm not gonna lie, I'm thoroughly frightened by all of this too.) But has taken my tips on trying to stay upbeat. Wanders the living rooms and kitchen by daylight cautiously. Avoids them as much as possible by night. Has stopped taking pictures for the time being. Also has nightmares.

Skye: Whether she wants to be included or not, I believe her case is relevant. Developed a cough that has progressively gotten worse. Was not at school today. Has become more irritable. Went from being annoyed by Seth and I and our discussions, then got blatantly furious about it. It could just be that she gets angry about things that she doesn't like and she might possibly have what Aiden had. But I'm considering her anyways.

I think that's everything. I still don't see him in the window behind me. I will definitely alert you when that happens. Because despite my best efforts, I'll probably be screaming about it.

I'm going to go try to offer input on other blogs.

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