Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i hate rat

I need to call the police and nobodys home and this poor dog

What the fuck did Ripley ever do to you you sadistic bastard?!

There's a dog head on my porch and blood and ohgod i don't know what to do
and hesays

He says, "Happy Birthday, little gal."

I'm not letting Ace outside. And I'm getting the shotgun. Just you try and come in here...


  1. Oh god.

    No, Whelan. Put down the gun. You don't even know how to use that.

    Get away from the windows and wait for the police. And then call me later.

    ~ Casey

  2. At least get the revolver next time. You would hurt yourself with a shotgun.

    I'm going to go find our rodent...

  3. Wish I could help. Little tied up at the moment.


  4. I I I shotgun the shotgun the the? Is is it is it. Dog dog and dog and blood he says says birthday? Ripley Ripley. The try and the. It it.

  5. Bran you stay safe. Stay in the house. DO NOT LEAVE. I will fucking kill this ass... Gonna kill him. Fucking gut him and hang him in a tree. I just. I can't believe this. Can't believe it at all. Not at all. So not happy so very very pissed.

  6. Yeah I just...we talked to the police and dad went with them to tell the neighbors that Ripley was "found".
    Todd's right. They can launch an investigation as to who killed Ripley, but they won't find Rat...

    I just cuddled with Ace and talked to Casey and got on Minecraft with the guys...

    Todd, if I knew where the revolver was, I would have gotten that instead.

    Joce...I don't understand...

    ~ Branwen