Monday, April 18, 2011

Is the coast clear?

Sorry for the two day break, but Whelan was getting re-interviewed so we wanted to be extra careful.

Turns out the cops made a possible connection between and Skye disappearing. Which is only Bran, if you look at it from a complete outsider's perspective.

Even though they're totally connected. There's no way they'd know. Seriously. Rat's more calculating than...uh...a...

...I have nothing witty to say there...

I was told she played it off as random vandalism, which is totally believable considering she lives so SO very close to...what did we call it? Poverty? Screw it. We'll call it EL. That's what we always call it anyways. Just like the BL.

I guess the tables have been turned as well. And by that I mean instead of me being stalked relentlessly, it's her. Though...she's probably got a better handle on it than I do. Then again, she's got Todd. Whelan always handles anxiety and fear better when she's with other people.

There was this time in 7th grade...we had to take songs and rewrite them to be about the Renaissance for our history class. And we had to sing them. In front of everyone.

She paid me five dollars to sing a modified "Sugar We're Going Down" with her. And after that she did perfectly fine, even though I lost the beat like...not even halfway through.

Wait no it was three...because I think I owed her two...

Jesus, what was I supposed to be talking about? Oh. So I guess you'll be hearing from me a lot more. Bran and Todd are working on their plan.

HEY WAIT A MINUTE. We never had a Round Table. WHELAN.

I'munna find the tele. :l


  1. ...I'm gonna kill those two.... I thought we'd agreed to work on this stuff together....?

  2. Uhm...I think it's that plan they had that they said they couldn't talk about.
    I don't even know that much about it. And we're like sisters.

    It's apparently very important that there aren't so many people involved or in the know.

    ~ Casey

  3. fail sauce.... they better be freakin' be careful, or I might have to hurt someone...

  4. You can't have a round table without your Queen Guinevere...right?

  5. Ha! Oh, Joce.

    Waitaminute which one of us is Queen Guinevere?

    ~ Casey

  6. I meant Branwen. Cause she kinda seems like the leader. And I was thinking she's not around to have a round table with, because...not sure why, actually! Very indirect thinking.

  7. Oh that makes sense. We're supposed to be co-leaders because as it turns out, we're the two seniors and the other three are juniors. Hierarchy, you know?

    Bran's got more of a handle on things here though.

    I work more behind the scenes. ;D

    ~ Casey