Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Happy friggin' birthday...

At least it was somewhat salvageable.

I got cupcakes and cookies today. The guys (which includes Seth) set up the multiplayer server for Minecraft. I hugged Ace (good dog good good dog) a lot.

These are my coping mechanisisms. Whee.

And yes, I will lose my shit over the death of an animal. Especially if I knew that dog. And he was decapitated. And left on my fucking front porch.

Wow. Now I'm just nothing but incredibly pissed.

Waiting to hear back from Todd. I've resolved to locate the revolver so I can actually retrieve it if I have to.
Yes, that's the only gun I can use. I mean...I can shoot the slightly larger pistol. And it doesn't kick much. But it still hurts my fingers. I guess I can settle for that if I have to...

Joce...I want to help you but I don't understand... was Justin's birthday today too. And I told him he was getting cupcakes. So off I got to the land of baking...

I don't know if I'm feelin' the weekend you guys...


  1. but but it okay it will be okay for,soomeone. somehwer. think of tha.t

  2. happy birthday girl. I'm sorry that ass did that to you.

    If you're not feeling the weekend I won't make you come. Even though I think it'd be good for you. We'll have to find a nother time or place to meet up. We have you some birthday presents.

    And Frap.... Frap. Gods dammit man. How do we help you... or Joce for that matter. I've been trying to figure that out. I'm failing horribly.

    Yeah, I'm a fuckin' failure....

  3. Happy late Birthday! Wish I could give you the wolf I got... :/

    Minecraft server? Can i play with ya?

  4. Sorry, bro.

    Secret group.

    ~ Seth

  5. Awwwwww. Fahn, I won't invite you guys to mine -if I ever make it-.

  6. Sorry, it's the group rules...
    Otherwise I'd say yes.

    ~ Branwen