Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yest...wait no...TODAY is Thursday

I definitely just heard "Friday" for the first time today. It'd probably be a good song if she didn't sound TERRIBLE.

I also definitely just saw Rat angrily stompin' around outside. His Oh man. I'm placing all bets on Todd from now on.

His hat's all crinkled too, but he's still wearing it.

I called Skyler to warn her. Just so you guys know, she's now keeping baseball bats in strategic areas of her house.
Hah. Look what you started, Bran.

Actually...I should probably do that. That's not a bad idea...

And said the police called the house today. They want to talk to me about Skye.

Guys...what do we say?


  1. Oh...that's good.

    Todd's right. Bend the truth as much as you can. Lie.

    If they want to talk to you they'll probably want to talk to me and Sammi too. Did they already call Marissa? Wasn't she living with Skye?

    ~ Branwen

  2. I think they did, yeah. She moved out, but they got a hold of her.

    They don't want to talk to me until tomorrow...

    ~ Seth

  3. Guys.... Frap's more than likely dead.