Monday, April 25, 2011

We need to regroup...

Cleared it with mom very early this morning. Called her and cleared it with her dad. Went with her to get Whelan and drop her off here before mom goes to work. Glad our parents are used to our ridiculous hang out patterns.

Surprise. Whelan's at my house.

It would be better for her to be here than home by herself. Her dad only had an appointment and is probably going to be back soon, but still. (At least Ace has someone with him as well.)
She needs someone who knows what's going on.

Because she's been crying about it since it was safe to. Since mom left for work.

She did a fantastic job of pretending nothing happened last night while riding in the car. That's kind of both our problem, I think. Blocking too many emotions.
But they aren't being blocked now.

I'm making her breakfast and hot chocolate. (I'm an amazing cook and she knows it. That should cheer her up some). Trying to distract her from what happened. Pretend this is any ordinary day we hang out. Friends is on in the background. We've got her PS2 set up. And she wants to show me Minecraft.

She thinks if she hadn't gone, Todd would be okay., she KNOWS that's not true. But it still bothers her.

We're almost positive Rat planned to take Todd whether she had been there or not. She probably would have been captured too, but she got away. That's the important part. She got away.
Todd will get through this too. I's Todd. He seems a little more put together than the other two. I think he'll be fine in the end.

...She told me. I know what happened to the others. Our friends. And Seth's and Skyler's. Some of them anyways.

Some of them are irreversible. Some of them can't be fixed.

I just hope Rat doesn't draw in the police again...I don't know how to explain how all of these other people we're connected to are dead...

Ohmygod...Bran. I don't...I can't imagine what that was like to watch. Sometimes she has a hard time handling gory episodes of Criminal Minds or Supernatural. I do I. Probably a worse time than her. I don't...real life murders. Right in front of her...and people we both know.

I think it's best for us to be paired up for the moment. Me and Bran. Seth and Skyler. Sammi and...oh. Nobody's with Sammi...should we find a way to go get her?

Have to get back to the oven. Gotta feed Whelan and try to sort this mess out...


  1. Take care of her Casey. I've other plans to go through and deal with today. Even so, if you need anything do not hesitate to call on me. I'm here for you guys.

  2. Will do.

    We're thinking that calling Aiden might not be a good idea at the moment. Should we give him time to chill?

    We're trying to get a hold of Sammi. Seth and Skyler are both okay.

    ~ Casey

  3. Ahahaha! I shouldn't be laughing, but that's really freakin' funny. Yeah, let Aiden stew a while. He's done locked himself in his room and given both Brennon and I the big ol' FU. I'll tempt fate and see if I can get myself into his room Yggy style... but only when I think it's been sufficient time for him.

    We may be surprised. He may come to on his own accord. Then again, this is Aiden. And, well, it was not pretty when I finally came home today. No, it was downright ugly.

  4. And it's just become even more apparent that he needs more time to settle down... I want to giggle madly at his childishness. But.. yeah. He's just removed Tod and I from the ability to post to his blog. Which in the case of Todd may be good... but... I guess I can't give my updates now.

  5. That probably a good thing...considering what we just got from Sammi's phone.

    Which was the most horrifying static I've ever heard.
    And we're giggling at him too. Not to be mean, he's just being ridiculous.

    Curses. I like your updates.

    ~ Casey

  6. Is Sammi alright? Of all the times this is happening, it's just before the freakin' wedding.

    And yeah. You shoulda seen the storm that went down on his last entry. I pretty much told him to grow up. And prolly made him even angrier, he didn't post after my comeback. If anything I'll just use my 'professional' blog for updates. And just do a real professional blog elsewhere.

    I still need to get the videos I made stitched together and uploaded. It's been determined the video's are so big they're gonna take an overnight session to upload.

  7. Wow. Everything just spazzed out and um...

    No. No it doesn't look like she is at all.
    I don't even know where to begin on all of that...

    ~ Casey

  8. ...Taben got it guys...

    and... yeah...

    I'm sorry I was being a whiny little bitch....

  9. It's cool. We're glad you're back in action.

    ~ Casey