Saturday, April 23, 2011

It Starts Tomorrow Night

The thing, anyways. Todd doesn't really want me to go anymore. But we did all of that preparing and planning and going over things so I don't forget them. And I'm going.

I had no idea they'd put so much effort into their masks. I will be wearing an arctic fox rather than my grey wolf.

Oh yeah. I was handling It being It's regular douchebag self well enough until I got more of the nightmares. And everything I've eaten since yesterday has had a painful exit. And drinking water shouldn't hurt.
At least I know my REM cycle still works well enough. And I'm doped up enough on medicine to not hurt and to still function.

It figures he'd do that. The night of Easter. Rat...

Todd told me to relax today. Today is Allen's birthday party, so if anything happens to anyone it will probably go down over there. He says he's patrolling from a distance.

He also said, "The only Rats children should play with are from the pet store."

And then I laughed. And uhm...slept for about two and half hours immediately after that. I woke up not too long ago, so I have no idea where he is.

It looks like Frap's back.

I am so completely relieved. You have no idea.

I need to go relax. Minecraft server should be up. Looks like I'm going to pal around with the boys for a bit.

Casey said she had something about Crow.


  1. The only drama that went down at Allen's birthday party was involvomg people that were trying to take the pavilion that we reserved and PAYED for from us. By trying to guilt us into letting them have it because the kid who's birthday it was was in a wheel chair. Taben was feeling like crap. then other guest showed and we had a blast. Allen wnjoyed himself. Small and simple and quick. We're home now.

    Taben's pissed cause he totally cut himself on a Bey as he was assembling it for Allen. I can't stop laughing over that.

    We're going to have a nice little bonfire tonight I think and just.. enjoy it. It's so gorgeous out.

    You better be careful. And you had better let us know what you are doing and how it goes when you get back. If not I swear to Gods I will come odwn there myself nad beat you and anyone that did any harm to you.

    Also, if Todd doesn't want you to go. You shouldn't go. I'm going to talk to Todd. If it comes to tying you to your bed so be it. Especially if youre sick >:[

  2. Well that's good.

    And ordinarily she wouldn't go doing things if she were sick, especially if Todd could handle it. But this is apparently very important.

    I'm sure she'll explain everything when it's done.

    ~ Casey