Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Profiling and More Important Business

 Edit: Curses. I hadn't realized Branwen was still logged in here. I should really be using the iPhone for my blog. It doesn't matter. We'll just make everything orange, eh?

Branwen left her Facebook logged in and went to go get something from the basement. It's open to her Notes. I'm finding things called "25 Things" and such, which all corroborate with my observations. Some are new.

2.) Once I find something I like, I will be obsessed about it for weeks. Then I forget. Then I relapse.
13.) I have random massive body spasms and I have no idea why.
25.) I have to touch things in stores. If it looks interesting or might have a neat texture...I MUST TOUCH IT.

And some line up with what I said previously.

3.) I really hate being by myself. I need to be surrounded by friends.
14.) I hate fruit. Please stop trying to make me eat it. And stop taunting me with it. It smells gross, it makes me gag, and the fructose makes things sticky. I'll bite you. I'm freakin' serious.
23.) I get stupidly attached to inanimate objects. My first pair of Converse? Broken, but I still have them. The stuffed animal my big brother gave me when I was little? His name's Mokey. He's a monkey. I still give him loves.

Just something that I found to be interesting. There are many many more of them.

And now for something more important than profiling Miss Whelan.

We are preparing for The Event. I believe we've made the unspoken decision to call it that. It just ended up that way.
Branwen is also handling It being on near constant observation of her lately. I think that as long as she's not by herself, she's stable. I have personally taken it upon myself to keep watch during the night so she can sleep.
Samantha seems to be speaking to Crow through notes.
Skyler has not reported any problems with Rat. At least not exclusive to her.
Seth seems to be gathering materials for experiments. Those did seem to die out before. It's good to test things, to have some sort of temporary defense. Good work, Master Brown.
And Casey is currently handling all blog related business, exceptions being when Branwen has time to log on.

Rat is my only fear. He is intelligent and perceptive. We cannot risk him catching on to our plans for The Event.

I've also been informed through these five that there's been two search parties sent out so far. They've turned up nothing on Skye. As long as she's with Rat, they never will unless he decides to stage it as a homicide and not a mysterious disappearance.
The police have decided that Rat's vandalism and the disappearance are unrelated, which is good news. It's much less complicated this way.

...Branwen's mother is home. I'll be making my exit now.


  1. Good job, Todd. Good. Job.

    Also, have fun reading all of those. There's like...eight billion. An extra for each one she did, and then another random one.

    I guess I should ask Seth to report results to me? Yo, SETH. Results. When you get 'em, I want 'em.

    ~ Casey

  2. I'm still very not happy with you guys for not letting me in on this and want to beat you all with... with... pillows. Yeah, those won't hurt.

    Your guys had better stay safe... I swear to it. I don't need more of my family to go getting killed.

    I'm also unhappy with you Todd. For blocking all this from me. I should be able to read this and know this... but alas, you've got me blocked.

    Unhappy Aiden is Unhappy.

    And tiered.... I'm going to bed.... bastards.

  3. If it makes you feel better I'm busy being terrified for both of them.

    Since neither of them seems phased. Just focused.

    I don't know what to say about Todd, except he's probably doing it for the best. Important stuff.

    ~ Casey