Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rodent on the Move

I think Rat is mobilizing. I'm not sure what his goal is, but I DO know I've been a focal point for whatever reason.

His entire method is confusing, though. He's using everything from horribly distasteful pranks, straight up threats, and...presents. (I've thrown all of those out. Trust me. I'd never keep them.)

I've gotten:
- The toy carrot
- The toy acorn
- Several notes
- Some creepy voice messages
- A toy panda with a noose around its neck
- Chocolates. That came WITH the panda.
- A plastic figurine of Bambi with its head cut off
- Flowers

We've conversed face to "face" before. Which was less conversing and more me yelling and him being an agitating little prick.

He talks about how he never pictured me as a "Mother Bear". I feel like he was trying to get me under his thumb by trying to give me prey names...
He makes jokes about "deer season" in regards to Seth.
The notes are patronizing. He speaks and writes in an intelligent but superior tone. He is not nice.
At all. In case you couldn't pick that up from him beating Crow in front of Seth. Mainly, he makes death threats. Even thinly veiled threats in his "apologies".

I know he said a thing or two about Todd.

He was REALLY mad about that stick by the way. When I laughed at him about it, he stuffed the top shelf of my locker with threatening notes.

And Seth's right. He is just like one of those old cartoon type villains that tie people to railroad tracks. I would not be surprised to find a curly moustache and a crooked grin under that stupid mask.

...It's hard for you to tell how absolutely terrified I am because I'm trying to make it sound like I'm angry and trying to defend my friends...
I really wish I could move up there with all of you. I keep begging my parents to take me up on the weekends. I get to go because I pay for the gas.

The week days kill me...Friday cannot come soon enough. Even though everything else deadly and scary is up there, I at least wouldn't be by myself.
The few others I "infected"...I can't even feel safe around them. Because they're part of the group that's unanimously disappearing and reappearing.

I saw a 'Missing' ad in the paper for Skye...

Oh, and in case I miss it tomorrow. Happy (early) Birthday, Branwen. I hope it goes smoothly. You deserve peace on your birthday.

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