Saturday, April 16, 2011

Interview and Search (among other things)

It turns out it's very easy to lie to the police when you don't fully understand what exactly happened in the first place.

They pretty much got the same exact story out of me, Seth, and Sammi each time they talked to one of us.

That's because we're masterminds and we plotted that all out in the recording studio yesterday morning.
We weren't completely lying though. We left out the Slenderman parts (because god knows how much more trouble that would stir up and my paranoid mind does NOT want that to somehow get back to the FBI). But we really actually don't know what happened to her.

I decided to pry a little and ask if they'd found anything.

Nothing. At all. Not even frantic sketches or messages. If there were any, Rat probably took care of them all. It's like Skye just disappeared.

Apparently they're going to send out another search crew. My mind's already created several scenarios of how that will end.

1.) They'll find her dead in a tree.
2.) They'll find a scrap of clothing or a piece of her.
3.) They won't find anything.
4.) It will appear and murder all of them.
5.) They'll capture Rat and discover what's really going on.

I never said any of the scenarios were rational...I just said I thought of them.

I over-worry a lot. Example: Dad got a call from the doctor saying that they found something on his x-ray they want to talk to him about. My first thought? Tumor. What it actually was? Compression fractures on his spine from the bike accident he had years ago.

Yeah. I just...I just need to calm down. Todd says he can fix it.

There was supposed to be another party today, but none of the five of us are feelin' it. Sorry, Ai. Sorry, Dean. Happy belated birthday, by the way. I forgot...

Frap. I don't understand what's going on with him. I've never been very good at riddles. Not those kind. At least I think they're riddles? Or impossible tasks. "Impossible"?

I just saw something in my book like that. The dwarves that made the chains that held Fenrir. They used items not thought to exist. (the roots of a mountain, the beard of a woman, the breath of a fish...)

I wonder...


  1. It's okay, sis. Just... take care of yourself and stuff. Todd better be taking good care of you.... keeping you safe... or I'll I dunno. Do something.

    Matty came up for the party so that's cool. But, I don't think I'm much for the party stuff anyways. Too soon after everything I guess.

    Ya'll will be up at the weekend of the 30th for the wedding, won't you? You're all invited....

    Ygg had wanted to come... wish he'd be there. I think something's happened to him Bran.... Another one lost, eh?

  2. Yes, yes, yes! Ah, I had forgotten about those - yes...the chains of Fenrir; know, the apples make me think of Atlas and Hercules, in, I believe, the Garden of the Hesperides?

  3. Heh, it's alright. And our birthday's not till tomorrow.

    I understand crap's going down. Sam and Aiden seem to be the ones taking it the worst. I think Aiden's doing better at least though. I'm still worried about Sam though.

  4. @ Guess: Whelan told me to tell you that she totally knows what you're talking about and that's actually the first thing she thought of when she read that part of Frap's post.

    Ya know, I think I remember that story too.

    @ Dean: Well uh...happy belated birthday again!

    ~ Casey