Saturday, April 30, 2011 stuff

Sorry we ain't talkin' much. The past few days for me have been WEEEEEEIIIIIIRRRRRRRD.
I don't remember things.

I'm just scrambling around due to senioritis.

Ahahahahahaha..senioritis. :D

Seth and I have been combining things to barriers. Hopefully.

Whelan's off doing something with Taben and Aiden. We're just sittin' here with Brenno.
And we were both at BL's variety show yesterday. Because that's just something the whole school attends.

There's...not a lot to do in BL.

So we'll chill here for now. Seth's showing me his Minecraft maps. And dying repeatedly. I'm mocking him. C:


You are the best girlfriend ever.

Aren't I?

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