Monday, February 21, 2011


Now that I'm done juggling conversations with others and miming to Crow how I'm going to bludgeon him to death with various objects...

He's still outside. Ass.

I have things to say.

Reach. And Tony. And Robert.
I'm so sorry you guys...I guess...we ALL should have been expecting that. Redlight's not as much of a failure as a villain as I thought.
He played us all.
But maybe, just maybe, he's still our Jack Spicer.
Maybe, we can play him back.

No. We will.

You guys will get Ava back. Red can suck it.

Storm. You may have left home, but you're not alone out there. If you ever head into Ohio, we can find you a safe place. I would stay up closer to Aiden. They have the least problems with Him.

Frap. Please be okay. Please come out of this okay.

Kaiju. I really hope they don't realize it was you. Because I'm scared they'll find you. That's a lot of proxies, man. Please be careful.

Good luck, friends in trouble. Us five are thinking of you.
Stay safe, everyone.

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