Thursday, February 24, 2011



I did not appreciate the flock of them kawing incessantly during piano practice. That was absurdly irritating. And I'm getting tired of these numbers.

I saw four of them today. First three, then one.

1.) Four for a birth

2.) Three for a wedding and One for sorrow

I don't like Option 2 one bit.

On another note...Zeke. Poor guy...
We've loaded so much responsibility onto him. Take care of yourself, man. Alcohol won't fix it.

You too, Aiden. Stop it. We'll be fine. Drinking away worry and fear is not the way to go. :(


  1. So... who had a baby?

    And what's the one for sorrow?

    Where are you getting these quotes from? I'm confused on it.

    I try take care. Trying to convince Taben geocaching is good. get out of this god forsaken place for a bit.

  2. Please keep an eye out for Aiden. He's disappeared. Again. Taben said during caching he was grouching about the proxies getting you and all. I'm really worried. You know how protective he gets of his friends and loved ones. Please let us know if he shows up.

    I'm more concerned by the fact he did take his cell, and wallet but the cell rings then just total static. He also didn't take his car.

    I'm trying to not freak out... it's a little hard right now. You know?

  3. If both apply...

    The birth may have to do with YggdrasilCore, with him being a hatchling. Whatever that is.
    Don't think too hard on the one about sorrow. That kind of ruined my day a little. I really don't need to give you another thing to worry about especially if it's just speculation.

    And it's an old crow counting poem.

    One for sorrow,
    Two for mirth,
    Three for a wedding,
    Four for a birth,
    Five for silver,
    Six for gold,
    Seven for a secret, not to be told

    I forget how eight and nine go...but I do remember what ten is for.

    And since Brennon says you've up and vanished again...please come home. Wherever you are.

    Brennon, I haven't seen him or heard him here. I'll keep my eyes and ears open.

    ~ Branwen