Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Round Table

New message system started. Is anyone there?

I am here.

As am I.

No Skyler? Huh...

We can go on. She'll catch up.

Okay. So I guess you guys read about my scuffle?

Yeah, are you sure you're okay?

They could have hurt me much worse than they did. Fox had me pinned. I only got shoved and scraped up from the road. All they took was my mask.

So...what are they doing?


They're more aggressive.

I swear I was about to die when you called.

Hey. I could say the same about your post. I was freakin' out. Not fun. D:

Watch us NOT get killed by some creepy monster or stalkers. Nope. We'll both die from heart attacks from being terrified for each other.

Ahahaha...yeah. That'd be lame.


Well I wouldn't. I'd be like freakin' Rambo. >:(


Inside joke?


So uhm...what happened with the break-ins? I'm still confused...

Oh. That. Whelan and I talked after my incident.

We don't think they're..."breaking in" so much as they're just teleporting in and out whenever they please. Providing there's a tree or a tall wooden structure.

But I thought your alarm went off?

It did. He set it off on purpose. So I'd know he had been in there. Whichever one of them it was.

You don't know?

All they left me was this:

Oh...that's...lovely. Is that blood?

Yes. And what is the deal with fire lately?

What does that even say?



I don't even know what that means. Kitty?

Fire seems to be their thing.


I was talking to Seth while he was on break. Sorry.

You got a hold of him?

Yeah and...that is the creepiest thing I think any of us have ever received. Casey. I don't know how you're not completely terrified. D:

Did I say I wasn't? Sorry. Miscommunication. I cried for about three hours after finding that. It was under my pillow.

Oh. Sorry...

No problem. Understood.

Any of us have ever received? You're implying there's more things they've left us?

Yup. Rat left me a little toy carrot on my door step. The tag said, "T(x): Little Prey, Fr(x)m: Mr. Rat"

That's...almost endearing.

And here's what Seth says: "So I don't feel safe with the salt anymore. They like...they broke into my house. I don't know how they got in and past everyone. But I woke up to noises in my room and they were kicking the salt around...and laughing. I haven't seen the thing in days. But these guys...they're relentless, Sky. And they said something about you. At least I think it was about you. They said, 'Soon the storm will darken your sky.' And I thought of you. And...what does that even mean?"

Guys? Which ones does he mean specifically?

Crow and Fox I guess. They're the ones up with you aren't they?

Yeah but see...there's something that bugs me about that.

Me too.


They can teleport.

If Rat wanted, he could just move up here whenever. And they could move down there with Skyler.

But they don't.



Well, that's another thing we're just going to have to figure out I guess. Good talk. I expect we'll reconvene soon.


  1. alt will only work against evil spirits. not humans.

    At least my salt and protections. though there are protections that can be placed that can harm humans too. But... well those aren't my things. My oath is to do no harm to any other living thing unless for self defense.... Though some part of me is starting to wonder if this would be considered self defense... or defense at all.

    I'm still hugely pissed and want the idiots to come after me for a change.... Slendy was wondering why we'r all pissed and snappy and yelling at him when he comes in. I hit him in the head with a plate today. t shattered..... I have a headache now. I'm so ticked.

    So are these from Slendy? or ///It/// aka Dark One or whatevr the hell Slendy called it.

    I'm so confused.... and pissed. I can't believe they're actually trying to hurt you guys. Sooo frakkin' piiiissssed.

  2. I don't think it matters to Seth what the salt's supposed to do. It just made him feel safe and they broke that circle of protection he made. And now he feels doubt. So I think that's ruined for him.

    The Dark One. Hn. No, they aren't from that thing. I don't know where The Dark One is, but currently It is not here.

    Jerks...Skyler gets a present and all I get is jumped. Sweet. :l

    Well, we have a message from them to decode. And some mysteries regarding their targeting behavior.

    I'm confused too. But...theory: I think they work for It. Which is why they aren't heading up your way. Because your Slendy would probably horribly maim them. Or disappears them. Whatever He does.

    I thought Redlight called a pullback on proxy work. So who are you three and who are your superiors...

    Thank you for the concern, love. I really appreciate it. <3

    ~ Branwen