Monday, February 21, 2011


...I'm the last one of us to introduce myself, aren't I?

I mean, not counting Seth.

Who we still don't think we should give the blog to.

Awwww dang. And I just had to wait for something to happen too. >:(

My name is Samantha Garcia. You can just call me Sammi.
I go to school with Branwen and Seth and Skye half the day before returning to my stupid crappy school full of stupid crappy people.
We have today off though so it's like, "YAY!" and "NOOOOO!" at the same time.

Bran told me I should tell you guys what happened. =/

There was a guy in my room.

I came home from skiing with my parents and my brother Chris and when I walked downstairs...there he was.

He turned. And I could see the shape of a beak.

I screamed.

He walked past one of the wooden pillar things. And he vanished.

...I love that my family just assumed I was screaming about a bug and casually walked over to ask what was wrong. So I played it off like it was a bug.

Seriously. Screw you guys.

I called Branwen a few minutes later. And asked if Mr. Crow was anywhere near by.

She said, "Yes. Why?"

And then I told her.


Can they friggin' teleport?! What the hell?


  1. I read this, and then your new comment.


    I did not catch that.

    And I will punch a baby if that turns out NOT to be a coincidence.

    As for teleporting, maybe they can do it by walking past trees?
    It explains how they're moving. And how Fox disappeared when we first saw him.

    We're all home from school today I think.
    Keep an eye out for birdy boy. And "Foxxie", as he apparently calls himself.
    Get yourself a bat. Or a crow bar.

    Eheheheheheh...get it?


  2. ...crowbar.


    Oh, you're so clever.

    Hahahaha, love you Bran.

    ~ Sammi

  3. <3

    Joking aside, stuff has gone at other blogs. Really, really bad stuff.

    Time to make a summary post...


    ~ Branwen

  4. guess this is why we should be paying attention to other people...

    I'll try to help.

    ~ Sammi

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  6. Thanks.

    Though I don't think there's much we can personally do other than support our friends.

    ~ Branwen