Friday, February 25, 2011

Round Table follow up...

...will be posted tomorrow.

Branwen recieved her package. We're all talking now.

It's a sheer miracle we got all five of us on at once, let's just say that. I don't think we could do it again if we tried.

I've read more about Celeste. Rat looks like a Practical Cat copy. Ugh...

I wonder if they're all friends...


  1. Hello, remember me? I'm the one who asked if Slender Man could be asked why my memories were erased. You offered to ask It for me. Well, I would like to ask that favo, but not for me. For a name called Slice. He has disappeared from Doston at the tendrils of Him. Please, any information you can would be great.

  2. Sure, we'll do what we can. I can't promise He'll give anything not vague or if He'll answer at all, but I will definitely see if we can try.

    Wow I'm tired...good to be back home. Busy couple days.

    ~ Branwen

  3. Thanks, man. Even if it's vague, that's better than absolutely nothing.

  4. No problem. Anything to help out.

    Aiden says they managed to ask Him some questions.

    I'm not sure which ones yet. We'll find out tomorrow.

    ~ Branwen