Monday, February 28, 2011

Round Table II

Sorry this is late. They wouldn't let me sleep. I took a nap. And suddenly it was 9:00.


Roll call.



I'm here.

GUYS!  I actually got my computer to work!

Ohmygod. That's all five of us. All online at once.

I don't think we'll ever accomplish this ever again.

Yeah. Seth. Get your computer to stop ruining things.'s not my fault. I get a new one in March.

Shhhh! You guys! Don't jinx it!

OH. Of course.

Before we go on about my "present", did anybody get anything else?

Yeah. This time Rat left me a little plush acorn. So I far I'm a rabbit and a squirrel?

I want creepy presents...all I get is them stalking me. All. The time.

Did they do anything new?

No...they stay outside now.

Am I the only one that thinks Fox has a hilarious crush on Branwen?

...I don't like to think about that. =/


That's okay. I'm pretty sure Crow has some sort of obsession with me.


I found a bunch of burnt, crumpled up papers in my bedroom trashcan. They were all addressed to me. They looked like...poems. Written like the note Casey got.

Oh wow. What is their deal.

Casey? Anything new?

No more than usual, remarkably.

You should tell us about delivery of the package now! The pictures were interesting.


...go check your inbox.

So. I was sitting here at the computer like usual. Occasionally looking back to make sure nobody was in the yard. Nobody was. Nobody was in the house either. Just me and Ace.

Oh hey...found them!


Boy, I'm going to hurt you.

You have my permission. Just don't hurt him too much. He's fragile, you know. :P

Oh...hey... :(


Thank you. So. I'm sitting at the computer. It's almost quiet except for the news on in the background because I will go mad if it's completely silent in this house. And then this truck rolls down the street. And it parks by our mailbox. And out stumbles this horribly confused looking UPS guy. He walks up to our front door, knocks, seemingly almost pees his pants when Ace barks. I open it, he awkwardly hands it to me. I say thank you, and close the door. He walks back to his truck, shaking his head.

Do you think he knows?

Shush. I'm getting there. When I put the package on the kitchen table to examine it more closely, I see that an operator symbol has been lightly carved into the top, and some of them are on the sides too. There's a note written on the box, in Fox's apparent manner of speech. It says: "Dear sir and/or madam, would you be so kind as to deliver this to the gracious young lady it is addressed to? It is of the utmost importance."

That's incredibly creepy. How did they get that to you? Don't...they have some sort of suspicious package procedure? Or something?

That's why I think he knows.

Or. They looked and deemed it wasn't a threat and just happened to push the delivery on some awkward guy. It was just a mask and a couple notes. Even Crow was smart enough to put his in an envelope.
I'm not sure how that goes though. thoroughly they're allowed to go through your mail?

Yeah. I'm just glad nobody was home. I do I explain that?

I don't know about you guys, but Fox really creeps me out...more than the other two...

I know. It's like we know what Crow's deal is kind of. He's some moronic crazy.

And Rat is a just stalker dude.

I think it's how he writes that bothers me the most...

Well then. Be on the lookout for him. I don't trust any of them, but he's the shadiest in my opinion.

Will do.

Speaking of...suspicious, creepy, and shady...has anyone...seen...

No. Why? Have you?

Seth. Please tell me you haven't.

I haven't. I was just asking you guys...because it seems like the big deal these days is proxies. And ///It/// is pretty much nowhere to be seen.

Right...I don't know whether to be glad or not.

The coughing and nightmares have slowed down...

Mine too. Though I'm still not getting much sleep due to these douchebags.

He still appears to your friend though, right?

Oh, only all the time. But that's a different one. By His word, anyways. Whatever that's worth.

Can we change the subject?

Of course. I think we're done here anyways.

Table dismissed?


The exact contents of the package were discussed thoroughly in another message. The one Seth apparently missed before.

That kid...

I'll post that one tomorrow.


  1. Can't wait to find out what's inside.

  2. Hopefully not something dangerous or otherwise bad. Glad everyone's okay, though. Right? Everyone's okay. Alright. *Joce

  3. I guess that depends on what you mean by bad. I'd say..."stalkerish". Or just plain weird.

    But yup. Everyone's okay right now, Joce. Nice to see ya. C:

    ~ Branwen