Saturday, February 19, 2011

quick update

Borrowing Matty's laptop to tell you things.

We're at Cleveland's zoo this time. For sure. I am totally not mixing it up Akron again I promise.

Last night was completely quiet. I was disappointed. I made sure to devour the heads of all those cookies in the most vicious way possible. And He didn't show. :<
I let Seth eat some too.
They're incredibly delicious by the way.
I'm running out of head-bitten-off cookies to show Him. Because I keep eating the rest of the bodies.

Anyways, I've finally thought of some good topics for questions to ask, providing He shows up tonight
- ///It/// and us
- Sandra and ///It///
- Redlight
- M

Anymore you think I should ask, let me know.

P.S. Seth finally caught on that he's the only one without the login information to the blog. I had to straight up tell him that it's because I couldn't trust him not to post anything effed up. He took it well. Good sport.
P.S.S. Somewhat related, why am I the only one of us five that communicates with other runners? ._.


  1. Dude.

    Because you're the only one that doesn't have a problem with talking to online strangers.

    ~ Casey

  2. I think you're the only from our group that eally communicates with other runners? I guess it's my whole fear of finding some anti-gay person that wishes death on me. Now that you know about that part of our past. Yeah. Do.Not.Want.

  3. Ohohoho. I know I didn't mean you Aiden. I meant the other four.

    So guys, guess what your homework is, other than stay alive, stay sane, and don't do stupid things?

    ~ Branwen

  4. Awww, hey! You post too fast for me to catch up. :(

    I don't liiiiiike strangers... D:

    ~ Sammi