Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Data

It has become available.

Like Redlight? What?

How do we refer to him now? They? This messes up everything in the world of pronouns.

On a serious note, it seems we have a message to decode. Or two. Or three.

"Hello kitty won't you come out to play?"
A toy carrot from the Rat addressing Skyler as Little Prey
"Soon the storm will darken your sky."

Speaking of Sky's.
Skye. Absent. Five days.


  1. Hello. It is nice to meet you.

  2. And here I thought Taben was the one that messed up the worl of pronouns....

    And Bran? It... seems you have a creeper... or something?

  3. Yes...hello there? Nice to meet you too, I guess.

    ...I do not consider this a good omen.

    ~ Branwen