Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guess what's missing?

Skyler said I'd post. I know.

Things happened though. Fox, chivalrous as he tries to make himself sound (god you guys should see this note), is quite the creeper.

I have to say though, trying to see him balance on Crow's shoulders just to see through the top of my bedroom window was pretty hilarious. There's a kind of screen over the bottom portion. Some stick-on, stained glass looking stuff. Pretty. Hard to see through so nobody will be able to see me changing across the street, not that there's stalker types out there. I just don't want to flash the neighbors, especially when they're having parties. Heh.

I was in the city yesterday and part of today. In Pittsburgh with my cousin. Her birthday party. I forgot it was happening. I'm so glad it did. I was getting so scared...

And the other two cities close by...not suited for hiding from ///It/// or them. More on that later. Probably.

I got Fox and Crow's package. They sent me my mask back. How sweet... /sarcasm
It got scuffed in the wrestling match on the street, but it looks like they painted over that. And then stuck a band-aid on the nose. Looks like it's never been damaged though. I'd call Fox's handiwork. Crow doesn't seem suited to anything requiring steady hands...or patience...

Oh, and they wrote me a note~

Crow's is...well...if you look back at his hacking It's like he was trying to be sincere, creepy, and psychotic all at the same time. It's almost hilarious. Almost. I start laughing, and then I'm like, "Ehhhhh..."
But Fox. Hmhmhm. Nice choice of font style, sir. Initials With Curls. How did you know I'd recognize that I wonder...

The entire thing is written in a polite, chivalrous manner. Apologizing for the scuffle. And apologizing for Crow's behavior. And then apologizing for Crow's existence. (Which I laughed at.)

Which was actually neat and almost sincere. Until he erased the conversation file I had saved. Which isn't that big of a deal. It just means I have to go back and copy and paste everything all over again and then color everything. It was the manner in which he did it that bothers me.
Instead of remotely hacking like Crow did, Fox actually got into my house when nobody was there. I know because he left another note in that font when we came back from going out to dinner. Right by the computer. Where only I'd find it.
"My condolences on your computer trouble. It was being very non compliant with me."
(Note: That's not my favorite font, Fox. I prefer Bohemia. Looks cooler.)

In hindsight, leaving the window with the file in it was probably a terrible idea. That means he was able to get in and out before Ace could take a bite out of 'im.
(Note: RETARD. Ghost files. And flash drive. Use them from now on.)

And then the window thing.

Didn't sleep well that night. Cleaned up around the house and got ready to head into Pittsburgh the next morning while they sat by the trees in the front yard and waved. Left my bag on the couch. Dad took Ace for a walk. They made themselves disappear. I felt it was safe to leave that room, went to look for anything I'd forgotten to pack, and came back to find another note sitting on my bag.
"Have a good time, ma cherie."

I almost threw up.

That's all that's happened. So...I suppose I owe you that follow up. And some pictures.

Aiden came home today! He needs to wake up. Fill us in.

Frap is okay. <3

I'm worried about Kaiju. I had a party of ridiculous while his was one of danger. Please be okay.

Yggy's been learning more about his superpowers. It's totally weird to have some sort of Slenderman "hatchling" on our side. And really awesome too.

I'm sorry about your aunt, Celeste...

And hello, Morningstar. I believe I've heard your name before.


  1. Morningstar is one of the fanatic types...It's a pity, really. Glad you're okay too, if a little, ah, pukey. <3 ~Frap

  2. You say "fanatic" like it is a bad thing. What do you mean a pity.
    Oh, and Hello to you too Branwen.

  3. A pity that you're a fanatic! Sometimes, it's NOT bad, but in this case? A fanatic to the Slender Man? Ridiculous. ~Frap

  4. Why thank you dear~

    I suppose I should read up on you then, Ms. Morningstar.

    ~ Branwen

  5. Or...Mister. Before I mess that up.

    ~ Branwen

  6. He really does need to wake up. He's been sleeping since he got home. He got up for breakfast. Back to bed. Got up for lunch. then back to bed. The same with dinner.

    Slender Man has been... in and out of the house. I almost want to say he's worried about Aiden. I want to know what the hell's going on. It's kinda creepy to wake up only to have a tall faceless man standing over your bed.

    Oh yeah, he went there today. Wasn't cool at all.

  7. Oh man. Sorry to hear that. I probably would have violently thrown myself at him for that.

    I hope Aiden's okay... :(

    ~ Branwen

  8. I think he's just really really tired. Aiden gets stressed out and then he just sleeps for an ungodly amount of time.

    As for Slender Man, that was Aiden's wake up call for breakfast. Me screaming and flailing about as I bashed him with my pillow (Slender Man, not Aiden). Aiden woke up saw what was going on and told Slender to leave... and.. he left....

    I'm really confused....

    and what do you mean by hatchling? Sounds like I'm going to have to go in and read through more blogs and get more research done. Yeah I just noticed hatchling. Who's Yggy? I feel like I'm out of the loop and have missed something.

  9. Sounds like it.
    Send Aiden my hugs.

    YGGY! :D

    Our friend with magical tentacles!

    He runs Copper and Chrome. We don't really know what a hatchling is, other than it has something to do with Him. Yggy has "joined" Him for the purpose of learning to use his powers against Him.

    ~ Branwen